Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hannukah Party

We were unvited to our first Hannukah party ever.

Our host read the story of Hannukah to us, taught us the symbolism of the menorah, and taught us some traditional songs. It was fun and we learned so much.
From a homeschooling perspective, we covered history, literature, world cultures, music, fine arts and math. Yes - math! The kids were asked to figure out how many candles were needed total for the 8 nights of Hannukah.

Traditional latkes were prepared by our hostess and served with sour cream and applesauce. One of the guests asked about the significance of the sour cream and applesause and was told that they have no signigicance except as toppings for the latkes. By the way - the food was delicious!

Our hostess also made sure there were enough menorahs so that each guest had an opportunity to light a candle or two. As we lit the candles, her daughter recited a blessing in Hebrew then in English. It was the 6th night of Hannukah.

Learning the dreidle game.

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