Sunday, March 29, 2009

Speaking of Nature Study.....

Speaking of Nature Study, take a look at the current national weather map. We are located in south central Pennsylvania. Whew! Just a short while ago, the sun was out and we had blue sky with big puffy clouds, then we could see the black clouds rolling in.

The rain started and we all sat on the front porch. The thunder and lightning got closer. Like any other child, DS4 startled at some thunder that was close. Very calmly, I explained that the thunder is just one of God's ways of reminding us of how powerful He is. You can see the look of awe cross his face.

The rain started and soon began coming down in sheets. Then we noticed the hail. Both of my girls grabbed their cameras to take pictures.

This was a flash flood right next to our front porch that we watched appear before our eyes.

These nature journal entries include photographs with captions and narrations of the event.

This was also a great opportunity for DS4 to participate in "school". He has a notebook that he "writes" in. I gave him a couple of pictures to tape in his book and he dictated the captions to me.
Side note:
When I was little, I remember sitting on a neighbors front porch during thunderstorms with my mom. Sweet, sweet memories for me.

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