Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bee Hive

A dear friend of mine who recently pulled her children out of private school to homeschool, called me and invited us over to see a be hive in her back yard. I was thrilled to have the opportunity for a nature walk like this. There was a huge tree that was loaded with honeycomb and we found bees in it! We surmised that the bees were "sleeping" as we didn't see any movement from them and it was COLD!!! There were layers of honeycomb inside this tree that had been cut open.
As an added bonus, we were able to observe several tracks in the snow. Most were rabbit, but we also found birds, chipmunks, and dog.

Another added bonus is that last January, we went out searching for shelf mushrooms. All we found were itty bitty shelves. Today we found fantastic shelf mushrooms. The kids actually spotted them. We broke one off to bring home so we could take a closer look at it.
Note: The mushroom study came from the Outdoor Hour Challenge at Handbook of Nature Study, another excellent Charlotte Mason Resource.
Here are some pictures from our nature walk.

"Sleeping Bees"

Making entries into nature notebooks.

Taking a closer look

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