Saturday, March 14, 2009

History Fair

Our homeschool group sponsored our first ever History Fair today. I think it's safe to say that it was a success and we will look forward to it again next year.

When I first mentioned "History Fair" to my kids, DD11 began right away with what she would do on the Underground Railroad. DD10 completed a project on the History of Ballet and DS4 did a project on Army Guys.

For DS4, all I really wanted to do was keep him busy one morning. I gave him a Military History magazine and told him to cut out all the army guys he could find. So he did and wanted to glue them on a backboard (like his sisters). Thus his project for the History Fair was born.

I planned and organized the event and right now am totally tired, but it was worth it. Here is the list of projects:
  • Pangea
  • Fossils
  • Renaissance Medicine
  • Colonial America
  • George Washington
  • The Oregon Trail
  • The Chisolm Trail
  • The Underground Railroad
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Civil War
  • History of Recorded Music
  • History of Ballet
  • Army Guys

I think this list is pretty impressive for our first year!

Each project had a sheet where visitors could sign their name and write a comment. That part was a lot of fun for the kids to see how many signatures they could get. Members of our homeschool group donated baked goods and hot dogs for a bake sale. Each child who participated got a coupon for a free hot dog, bag of chips, drink and dessert. They loved it. The bake sale didn't earn a lot of money, we probably broke even, but again, that was worth it. Each child will also receive a certificate of participation (I forgot to bring them along with me) over the next week or so.

DD11 with her project on the Underground Railroad. She also wrote a short story that was a first person narrative for Harriet Tubman and she read that out loud.

DD10 and her History of Ballet display. What else would this child do?

DS4 sharing his Army Guy display with the girls who come to babysit him. (He adores them!)

Although I didn't get pictures of everyone, here are some that I did get.

The Oregon Trail

The Chisolm Trail

The History of Recorded Music

Abraham Lincoln

Colonial America


Civil War - How to load a weapon

Civil War - Flag Signals

Civil War - Bandaging with a corn husk demonstration

A dad taking a closer look.


Glen said...

Thank you so much for taking time to post this! We were sorry to miss it .... hopefully there is another one. Great job everyone!

The Myers Family

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the history fair! I was so amazed at how much 1) the kids knew about their subject and 2) the quantity and detail of their posters and presentations.

This is something we have GOT to repeat!


Anonymous said...

Everyone ones displays look wonderful. Sorry we missed it. Maybe next year. :)