Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 Chocolate Class #2

Chocolate Class #2

1. Language Arts - Chocolate bunny word bubbles. Fill in what you think the bunnies are saying to each other.
2. Review Day #1
  • In what part of the world were the first cacao trees found?
  • Who first used cacao beans?
  • What were the beans used for?

3. History - The Story of Chocolate; DK Reader; pages 16-19; Columbus and Cortez; Write a narration about what these two explorers' experiences were with chocolate.

4. Make Indoor S'mores

5. Language Arts - The Story of Chocolate; DK Reader; pages 20-22; Read and narrate

6. Problem Solving - Build a chocolate tower bridge using Hershey Miniatures (Teacher Created Materials; Chocolate Thematic Unit; page 44)

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