Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Chocolate Class #3

Chocolate Class #3

1. Observe pictures of cacao pods in books. Dicsuss the coloration of the pods. Color a cacao pod.
2. Science - Identify the four things a cacao tree needs (Hands of a Child project pack #1221; Sweet Chocolate)
3. Math - M&M Graphing. Chart from Homeschool Share; M&M chart
4. Art - Picture study; Wayne Tiebaud's "Cakes"
5. Language Arts - Hershey Kiss Sensory Chart from Homeschool Share
6. Game - Hide the Hershey Kiss - one child hides a Hershey Kiss somewhere in the room while the other children cover their eyes. The kiss must be someplace where everyone can see it from where they sit. Once hidden, the children uncover their eyes and look for the kiss while staying in their seat. The first person to find it gets to be "it" and is the next to hide the kiss.

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