Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Formal

Our homeschool group sponsored a spring formal this year. Actually, it's the 2nd year in a row. I am posting this draft in case anyone else out there is considering doing such a thing. It is well worth it. The original vision was to make it like a wedding reception without the wedding.

The focus of the event was to be an inexpensive evening out for families where we could put on our best clothes and have a great time. Tickets were only $1 each with a $5 cap per family for members and $3 each with a $15 cap per family for nonmembers.
This was a family event. No child could be dropped off. All kids had to be with a parent or legal guardian.

There was a dress code that nobody seemed to have a problem with. Most of the girls wore gowns this year and they looked beautiful. One girl even made her own gown as a homeschool project. No strapless gowns, or gowns that revealed bra straps. Dress length had to be below the knee. No clevage showing. No sneakers or flip flops (doesn't matter how fancy they are) Only one dad wore a tux (that would be my dear husband), but all the other dads wore jacket and tie.

Members of the homeschool group brought finger foods. We didn't have to deal with silverware and since everyone was dressed up we wanted food that wasn't so messy. This was perfect. We just had a couple of dietary needs in the group. We asked for nothing with nuts and gluten-free foods were labeled.

The parent advisor of the spring formal comittee went through great pains to listen to all the music and research lyrics to be sure nothing inappropriate was present. Music was a mix of contemporary Christian, big band era, and old country. Of course we also had the Chicken Dance, Cha-Cha Slide, Hokey-Pokey, etc. There was also a father-daughter dance and a couple of mommy-daddy dances.

DD11 and Hubby - Father/daughter dance

Some moms dressed up for the evening.

No caption is good enough for this picture. I just love it!


One of the many things I love about homeschooling is the way the children learn to be with one another and it's not painful for them. This 18 year old girl had no problem dancing with these younger children at the dance. Of course, she also mingled with her teen friends during the dance, but there was no attitude of "what are those little kids doing here?" These kids all grow up together and bond in a way that is just beautiful.

Dancing the Macarena.
Note: The girl in the green dress made that dress for a homeschool project. We were all very impressed and it gave us some ideas for next year.

We did have a spring formal committee that put the whole thing together - ideas for music, deocrations, theme, etc. The committee consisted of a parent advisor, teens and preteens. They each enjoyed being a part of the event in this special way.


Together We Save said...

Wow that dress looks beautiful. 4H is big here and a dress like that would win big honors at our county fair.

The dance idea is a good one. I will pass it along to my friends that home school.

Anonymous said...

The formal was so fun. And quite enjoyable-like you said-for the kids top mix age groups. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guy had a lot of fun!! We havent made it to a spring formal yet. Hopefully next year even if we have to come without daddy. He is always working. :(


Jeanne said...

The photo of the three little princesses is just priceless!

Charlene said...

What a GREAT event! I never thought of that. Definitely gives me something to think about for our group!

Lizzie said...

The formal was terrific! Everyone did a great job. :D