Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What brought you to homeschooling? I love asking this question. The answers are as diverse as the families I meet. There was a time when families homeschooled for religious reasons only. Today, that's not true.

The reason I educate my children at home is multifaceted. It began with my experiences as a public school teacher. There are many reasons based on that experience alone that I homeschool. I can honestly say that I am guilty of some of the wrongs that happen in a classroom, but I was able to escape the system and use those experiences to encourage others on their home educating paths.

So what are your reasons for choosing to educate your children at home? Do you realize that when you answer this question, you are encouraging others? When you ask others, you are opening dialog for encouragement that we home educating mamas desperately need.

If you have a minute, leave a comment for me and let me know what led you to home educate your children.


Emma said...

I first came across homeschooling when I was in high school, many (many!) years ago. It was all but banned in my state at the time, the laws for doing it legally were draconian, so those who did it did so illegally, as do many to this day. Anyway, when I was told that homeschoolers could do their work at their own pace, I was hooked. That's it. Go as fast as you want, get the work done and get on with your life. (Specifically, it was the ACE curriculum.)
Since then, I have learned much more, and have had 3 children, one of whom has ADHD, and finds it hard enough to concentrate at home, let alone in a room full of children. My son is the reason I have been able to homeschool now, as he really doesn't suit the classroom. I also have my daughters at home with me, and we're following a CM curriculum. It may not be the get-it-done textbook method, but it is a method I trust will give my children an excellent education, far superior to anything they can get in an institution.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kayluray-
I can answer the question as home-educated senior. My parents chose to home school myself and my 3 other siblings a few years ago because they saw that we were not learning as much as we could in private or public school. Also, and maybe more importantly, they saw that the school environment (separating children by grades, etc) wasn't helping our family to work together and enjoy each others' company; rather the opposite. There was an immediate change I noticed right after we started homeschooling: I found out that my siblings were not annoying jerks, and in time—I have come to value them as my best friends.

I personally asked my parents to home school me for several reasons: 1) I knew I was not learning fast enough nor as much as I could or wanted to. 2) And because my class was required to all 'stay together' on the same page, and not go ahead—I was stifled from moving on and also exploring other related subjects. I have now had the freedom to do both move on and study more. Lastly, 3) I found it hard to focus on my studies and enjoy learning in the often negative classroom environment of my peers. Most of them didn’t want to learn and I was influenced by that attitude.

So, anytime someone ask me about being home schooled, I tell them this: Homeschooling is great chance for a parent to give the opportunity of achieving true learning to their child(ren). They are free to learn more, better, and faster. They get the chance to explore and actually enjoy their education. I have learned that mom, nor teachers, nor anybody can make a child learn; they have to want to do their best in school & in life. Towards achieving that goal, I believe home-schooling is the best place to start.

Pam Chaddon said...

It is late on a cold winter night after Christmas and your daughter has just gone to bed. You sit down on her bedside to kiss her goodnight and she falls into your arms in tears. "I'm so lonely at school. I miss Mary. The other girls tell me to go away." And she sobs deeply, so deep you can feel it echo through her entire soul. It's not the first time. The girls have eaten her up and spit her out before. You remember last year when the girls had to write apology notes, signed by their parents, for making ugly faces at her during class. You remember her telling you that she buried her face behind her lunchbox just to to eat without seeing the ugly faces the girls were making at her. Your heart is breaking. You think, "Not again". You hold her close, reflecting on her outstanding grades, the wonderful praise from the teachers, the creative projects she brings home, and all of the hard work you witness during homework. And you realize that you have choices and that it does not have to be this way. Your mind goes over the options - public school, another private school...homeschool. And now you are scared, really scared. Can I really pull my child out of school mid-year? Do I have the ability to homeschool my child, my children? Do I have enough faith to trust God's sovereignty? And the answer is - yes because God is good all the time and all the time God is good. He loves me, pathetic me, and blesses me when I so don't deserve it at all. He has trusted me with these preious gifts and I will do anything, everything to make sure that their treasure is in heaven, not on earth.

HeatherAnne said...

It was during my first year at Taylor University that I met a friend who was homeschooled. Then again I met someone through my job that taught her children at home. I admired her so much and really set in my heart this is what I wanted to do. However, when our son needed special therapies, I didn't think I could give him what he needed at home. It was only after a really tough kindergarten year that Ken & I prayed and became more and more settled on teaching him at home. Plus I had a really good friend (Becky) who was in the midst of being a homeschool mom. My biggest fear was not having enough "me/quiet time". However, we decided our son would be homeschooled and started attending our local co-op. (Thanks so much for starting such an awesome group!) I felt more confidence and excited about making learning part of daily life. Now I have numerous reason why I choose to homeschool -- 1. I love seeing my children's eyes light up as they grasp an idea or figure out a math problem. 2. We are able to integrate our faith with our learning in all areas. 3. No limits on our creativity in teaching the way our children learn best. The list could go on and on. :)