Monday, April 20, 2009

Beach Day!

Here are some random pictures of us at the beach today. Just for fun.

Learning how to use a boogie board.

A little alcove on the beach with picnic tables where we set up and had lunch.

Too cool for words.

Aaaaah! She's turned into a mermaid!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! You guys look like you're having way too much fun! ;)

Have a great time! Tell Raymond, Lucy, and Kayla 'hi!' for me. :)

Pam Chaddon said...

A shout out of hello from the Chaddon family! Oh how we would love to be in Florida experiencing all that good stuff! The weather was warm and wonderful this afternoon in Littlestown but the beach in Florida still looks like a dream! I love your pictures and posting. One thing we are looking forward to, especially this fall when we love to go to West Virginia, is not scheduling trips and vacations around attendance requirements at school (not to mention all the make-up work). I have noticed already how much more the kids retain when the live and experience something. The alligators sure looked fun! Enjoy the last few days and have a safe trip home!