Saturday, January 10, 2009

These are the moments I wait for

Little tiny ice pellets are falling from the sky. We have been waiting for the horrific weather that has been forcasted for the last couple of days now. Even though the weather was supposed to start last night, it finally did start around 3 this afternoon. We'll see if we get the 2 to 3 inches of snow they were predicting. Right now, it doesn't look likely.
My plan today was to make homemade playdough. This activity was especially geared toward my 4 year old in an attempt to keep him off "screens" today. (Screens = anything with a screen, TV, computer, video games, etc.)
I knew DD10 would want to make playdough because she very much wants to be 4 again. Much to my surprise, DD11 wanted to make playdough, too. I really wasn't expecting that. To make playdough for all three of them, I had to make one and a half batches. So I made the first batch for the two younger kids and DD11 insisted on making her own. I told her she only should make a half batch, and she simply said, "Yes, mom. I know how to multiply the fractions by 1/2." (Great big cheer inside.) This is the child who has cried more over math than I can even tell you and she has this very matter-of-fact attitude about it today. I guess (in her mind) since it wasn't in a math book, it wasn't anything she needed to cry over. I won't pop her bubble by telling her any different.
And here she is just going to town working with fractions.

Always with a flair for the dramatic - I don't know why this child had to flour her face.
This one is busy working with his "recipe". It smells so good that he had to taste it. Well, it's made with salt and doesn't taste like it smells. Perhaps if we used sugar instead of salt...
We made Kool Aid playdough. It smells so good and requires boiling water. The kids knead it after it cools a bit and they love feeling the warmth on a cold day like today.


Melissa said...

Hey there! Thanks for your comment. I love your posts--they are up my alley!! I wish you hadn't told me about your book meetings, though. Now I'm wishing I lived in PA. I'll have to keep my eyes open for something around here or start one myself! I'll check in again soon. Blessings!

Spinneretta said...

You Nativity class sounded fun :) This one sounds like fun too- my 4 year old needs enticement away from the screen at times too ;)
I remember getting playdough in my preschool- they made huge batches of it- and for some reason, we all felt the need to eat it :-o
Love your blog- I just came over from the CM Artist Study group :)