Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Isn't it wonderful to have new beginnings? The holidays are definitely a time for me to regroup.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and the beginning of our study on Laura Ingalls Wilder. Our study will be based on The Prairie Primer by Margie Gray. I attempted to use The Prairie Primer two and a half years ago and I burned out very quickly. I tried to do every activity, every day. I spent hours gathering materials for an activity that would last 15 to 30 minutes then we would never go back to it.

This time, I am using The Prairie Primer, but am only doing selected activities. I plan to read a chapter a day with the kids. They will continue to do their Math U See books and Primary Language Lessons each day. At times we may take out Ray's Arthmetic and the McGuffey Readers so we can do lessons like Laura did.

This next week will be full with making butter, corn cob dolls, hog bladder balloons, cloved apples and oranges, and drawing Jack Frost. I am really looking forward to it and hope to post pictures as we go.


Emma said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Except for 'hog bladder balloons'. hmm... Don't thing so ;)

Anonymous said...

We're doing the same thing this year. We just finished up the first book in the series and Benjamin felt so proud that he read the entire book himself outloud. Like you, I started to get overwhelmed and then I just decided to do the activities we really were interested in. We do a half a chapter a day and half the activities for that day. Maybe we do something as a group sometime.

Anonymous said...

Susie Jenkins is the anonymous.