Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nature Study

I don't know about anyone else, but I have been itching to get out on a nature walk and do some nature study. We live in a neighborhood and our house sits on one fifth of an acre. I'm not fond of this arrangement, but am suffering through until we can sell our house and get a bigger piece of property.
Even though we have a small piece of property, we are able to find opportunities to observe nature here. Last year we had fun watching our strawberry patch bloom and produce strawberries. We also have a bird house attached to our deck that becomes occupied every year, so we are looking forward to that again this summer.
The other day we went outside because I couldn't stand another day of the children on the computer. Despite the howling wind, we found the beginnings of tree buds on the few trees we have. Even though they protested going outside at first, my girls took it upon themselves to build an outdoor cage for their guinea pigs. The guinea pigs were in their new enclosure for a few minutes when a hawk flew very low over our back yard then perched on a nearby fence. We decided this would be a good time to take the guinea pigs inside. I see this as homeschooling at its finest.

AAch!!! The little critters fit through the holes in the wire! Back to the drawing board.

After a couple of simple modifications, I think we have it.

With the guinea pigs safely inside, we check the trees for buds and find the very beginnings.

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hilary said...

Hi Kayluray-- Your blog is great! I admire your energy!! Have you ever done the Plutarch on the Amblesides site? I am thinking about that for next year, but I always fear taking on to much.

We got away from our nature walks this year. My 3rd grader's life has gotten busier than I think it needs to be. Next year I want to send her out with a digital camera...I think that was Jill's idea.

Oh, I am Auntie Jill's walking partner.