Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Grecian Fresco

We are starting our study of the ancient Greeks and it is going very well. We are using the Story of the World - The Ancients Vol. 1 as our core and we are using the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of the Ancient World, Ancient Greece: 40 Hands-on Activites to Experience this Wondrous Age along with books we find at the library to enhance the study.

This week we are focusing on the Minoans of Crete and one of the activities I found in our books was to do a fresco painting using plaster of Paris. This makes it very easy to include ds(3) in our activities.

Here is the finished product.

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Anonymous said...

You guys are the bomb! Hip! With it!!! A model to all homeschool families, Auntie Jill