Monday, October 26, 2009

Middle Ages - The Four "Alls"

There were:
"the peasants who worked for all,
priests who prayed for all,
knights who fought for all,
and kings who ruled all."

The above quote and following activity can be found in Knights & Castles: 50 Hands-on Activities to Experience the Middle Ages by Avery Hart & Paul Mantell.

We are enjoying our studies of the Middle Ages.

As we are working through the curriculum from Winter Promise called Quest for the Middle Ages, we found this activity that took about a week to complete. Each day we read about one of the "four alls" and completed a section of a shadow box of it. DD10 is really into this project and DS5 was only interested in making a knight scene that you see above. The book suggests using shoe boxes, but I felt a shadow box would be easier to display for a longer time.

DD10 made all of her figures out of clay except for some pigs in her peasant scene.

The peasant who worked for all.

Priests who prayed for all.

Knights who fought for all. (The background is a stone picture she printed from the computer.)

The king who ruled all. (This section is incomplete as DD10 is having difficulty in making a person kneeling to be knighted.)

DS 5's completed project can be seen at the beginning of this post.


Esther Ruth said...

Hi Kayluray...I think what your children created is neat and a great idea to use shadowboxes on your part. Also loved the photos of your apple picking adventure! Oh, and the Revelation Song is my absolute favorite for worshiping God to right now...always brings me to tears.

Cindy said...

I LOVE the four part diorama!! It turned out wonderfully!

Esther Ruth said...

Thank you for the encouraging comment Kayluray:) I agree, I want my children to be thinkers! Yesterday, I wrote about toys and how they help our young children get a headstart on becoming thinkers outside of the box!

Looking forward to reading that post that you said you are inspired to write!