Thursday, July 9, 2009

Completed Sewing Project

Lucy's first official sewing project is complete. She did a lot of the sewing on it. I put in the zipper, sewed on the ric rac and sewed the hem. Other than that she did the rest. She wore this dress to her first day of 4-H sewing camp yesterday. At sewing camp she is making many more projects and we have started a sewing notebook. I will post on that in the near future.


Jeff and Sendy said...

Lovely, lovely! I figured I ought to tell you some about who this new reader is to your blog. I'm new to CM homeschooling and was doing a search for discussion groups this morning. I happened upon your blog through a google search. You can check out my blogs to see more about who we are if you'd like.

Jill said...