Monday, July 13, 2009


My sweet baby girl is 12 years old today. I can hardly believe it. Is it just me or do other moms go through what I go through. Every year on her birthday, I think about the day of her birth and every last detail of the two days (my water broke at 9am and she was actually born at 4:30 the next morning) and will often cry because her childhood is going by so quickly.

Here are a few pictures I would like to share as I remember her birth and celebrate how much she has grown. Digital photography didn't become common until she was about 3 years old, so I don't have a digitized baby picture of her. So I tried to take photos of some scrapbook pictures.

About 5 months old in 1997







In 2009 with her sister.

To my dear daughter - My life is blessed because of you. I'm so glad God has given me a front row seat to watch you grow and mature over the last 12 years. Happy Birthday, Honey. I love you!


Denise said...

Happy Birthday!!

No you are not alone--in the reminissing-- although it is much more in my oldest--- I used to cry (a happy cry) each year-- especially the first 3-- it all went by SOOOO fast....

We love to look thru baby books on or around birthdays!!
PS: Don't ask to see Rebekah's-- I need to get busy-- or there wont be much to look at!! :0

pam said...

She's beautiful, and so is your mom's heart. Time goes by so fast for me, it almost hurts. As an older mom, I cherish my childrens youth much more than when I was starting out.

Anonymous said...

Happy 12th girl!

You do have an amazing daughter...she is extra special to all of us. :)

Jeff and Sendy said...

Happy Late Birthday to her!
Thanks for commenting on my blog, I just now saw that. I'll have to change my settings. I loved this post. So sweet.