Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well, another year of VBS is over and it was so much fun. The title was Truth Trek and it was great because they showed a quick video each night and all the videos were actually filmed in the holy lands. So each segment focused on a different geographic site. There was the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Masada, and the Tomb of Jesus (or at least what they believe to be the tomb).

It's also fun to see the kids getting excited about Jesus. The songs are very cool and the kids continue to sing them when they come home.
In my opinion, these days can be counted toward the 180 that the state of Pennsylvania requires. They will definitely remember the stuff they learned and subject areas include (but are not limited to) geography, history, art, language arts, and music & movement.

DD11 felt she was too old to participate. I kind of agreed because I could see her getting bored with the activities last year. So this year she went as a helper. She seems to be well liked by the kids for her ability to give piggy-back rides.

Little man had his 5th birthday on the first day of VBS. He received a Spiderman costume that he didn't want to part with that day, so he wore it to VBS. I figure these people deal with kids and they understand.

DD10 in the striped shirt putting her all into the motions of the song. She is a performer.

Different day - DD10 is in the brown skirt. These are two of her best friends.


Heidi said...

Your son reminds me of the time my daughter wore a Piglet costume in the middle of summer while we ran errands! She's 12 now and it is also her first year as a helper at VBS. She also feels too old for it now and it working with the first graders instead.

Anonymous said...

WOW Patti! Your life seems to go SO fast! Vacation, VBS's, evaluations....end of school year...Where does the time go? We have not had our VBS yet, but I look forward to it for Jake and Ireland. We have been SO busy with Jordan! He is gone to encampment this week so we are spending some good quality time with the little ones.
Tell the girls hello for me! I am glad you had fun at VBS!