Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Blast

I like "festivals". You know what I'm talking about - The Strawberry Festival, The Apple Blossom Festival, the Maple Syrup Festival, Dutch Days Festival, and so on and so on. My husband teases me and says they are all the same. They all have funnel cakes and Italian sausage and booths with games and vendors. Okay, I like the funnel cakes and Italian sausage - so shoot me! I also like to find the festivals that stick to their theme. Those are the kind that hold some educational value. With that said, I feel that these festivals are part of the American experience. It's part of our culture.

Our local state park, Codourus, hosted their annual Summer Blast Event this weekend. It could also be called a "Summer Festival". It's an event our family looks forward to each year. The rangers at the park set up a tent with all sorts of native live animals and display animals that can be observed and touched. Other highlights include Dock Dogs, Civil War encampment, live music, crafters, vendors and food (Italian sausages and funnel cakes - my favorite). This year, they added carnival rides. The weather was perfect and as I watched the fireworks, I just had a deep appreciation for the opportunity to do this with my kids. The pictures here only scratch the surface of all we did and saw at this event. In my opinion, it was a good homeschool day.

Raymond had a chance to "shoot" a canon.

Funnel Cakes!!!!!!

Lucy looking for the Chicken BBQ.

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Titmoss said...

Great pictures! What have I been missing?!
Patti, do you know when the next area festival is? I have got to catch up on my festival-going... ;)