Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chocolate Poetry and S'mores

One of the advantages to home education is that you are not bound to a curriculum. Education is a way of life and being able to adapt academics to your family is wonderful.

Right now we are doing activities based on chocolate. I was going to teach a class from my home for other homeschoolers to join us, but our schedule didn't work out. Since we have a flexible schedule within our own family, we can make it work for us.

Today we wrote chocolate poetry. After they wrote their draft and I checked for any spelling mistakes (grammar is a little more difficult with poetry since there really are no rules), they copy them onto a brown paper cut out in the shape of a Herhsey Kiss. Then we use aluminum foil to make a wrapper. Here are my daughters works:


I love chocolate
Chocolate is very sweet
And it's good for you!


Lost in dreamy world of thought,
I look at the candy bar I have bought.
Dark and tarry wrapped so slenderly,
Unworthy I hold it ever so tenderly.
Hearts in my eyes, they bulge ecstatically;
For it just sits there so erratically.
But I close my eyes to the health benefits
I must eat it beore the apocalypse!
I look down and try to comprehend its power
I look down and it's been devoured.

After the poetry, we made S'mores in the microwave. I also made a notebook page to go with it.

The notebook page contains the recipe, two places in which you can place photographs or the child can draw a picture and lines for notes at the bottom. I told them the notes could be anything they want relating to making the s'mores in the microwave. Besides eating the s'mores, I think their favorite part was watching the marshmallow expand in the microwave.

I love this job!

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Marbel said...

What a fun idea! I envy your creativity.