Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mom's Night Out: Personality Assessment

Apparently I am part Beaver and part Lion. At our Mom's Night out last night I learned (or it was confirmed for me) that I am a leader, am organized, a task master, and am introverted. This part doesn't make sense to me. I want to be around people, am dying to make friends but have difficulty making friends because I am introverted. For a few years now, I have been working on being more extroverted, but it is so hard. I can organize and run a homeschool support group complete with a small co-op,but when I am invited to someone's house for dinner, I have a tendency to freeze up.
The visual that came to mind last night is that I am sitting on a park bench alone and am waiting to meet that friend who can sit with me and just observe the world with me while we talk about deep things that make us think. Someone who will talk with me and is interested in giving her point of view but is open to hearing others. Someone who would enjoy going to a bookstore with me or for lunch in a park. Oh yeah, if this someone has kids, she likes my kids and I like hers and they aren't interrupting us a million times as we try to talk.
The other part of the personality assessment is that I am a perfectionist. Could be why I'm so lonely all the time.


Denise said...

Just a quick hello from another Lion/Beaver! :)

Yes, GOOD/CLOSE friends are a tough thing for me too!!

After about 3 years of praying I do believe I have 2 "REAL CLOSE" friends...prior to that....ZERO!! The Lord can and will bring the RIGHT people into your life...ask him.

I had a great time Monday!! Its tough for me to sometimes "get out" but I was a very nice evening.

Lori said...

Even though I've never been to one of your Mom's Night Out events I REALLY wanted to come! It sounded so fun!

Neat to hear those things about you!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I had been able to attend. However spending time with my family was nice too. I had been so busy. I feel the same way you do. I am very organized yet shy. Friends at my church would probably say no way. I have always felt like I am watching everything on a movie and my real self is inside. That I just cant quite connect to other people the way I want to. I guess that made sense.

Nikki :)

Judi said...

The next time you find yourself on that park bench, please call. I would love to sit next to ya and hear your thoughts on things, compare notes on life, and learn more about homeschooling. As for the kids not interrupting.....I'm sure between all of our kids, they'll stay entertained. I'll even bring some snacks! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Patti,

Look around that park because there are probably others sitting on other lonely park benches ..... me included. One struggle for me is my family dynamics. I know this is where God has me for now and raising my family is a top priority ~~ but ~~ that doesn't make it any less lonely sometimes. Sitting on a park bench chatting with another adult or visiting a book store (for Mom books) sounds like a vacation :)

Praying for God's perfect peace for you today!
Becky M.