Friday, February 8, 2008

Building Relationships

Okay, this is spooky! On Monday we started reading Shakespeare's Twelfth Night by Charles and Mary Lamb. I was worried that it would be too much for dd(10) and dd(9). On the interenet I found (I believe at the recommendation of somebody on Ambleside Online), pictures of costumes for a play of Twelfth Night. I printed out a set for each child and they cut them out and laid them in front of them.
I started to read. They rearranged the characters according to the story and we discussed the story as we went. I planned to read just small portions each day and take two weeks to read it.
Here's the spooky part - Each day when it was time for me to stop reading, my children begged me to keep reading. They startled me the first day with their screams of "No, no. Read more!!!!"
What's that? Read MORE????
We finished the story in 3 days and they said they can't wait for the next story.
In her blog, Happy Heart talked about building relationships in the New Year. It inspired me and here we are. Building relationships with Shakespeare of all people. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

what a great idea to go along with reading the play. I haven't started any Shakespeare yet with my dc (oldest is 10( but I want to. I might wait until our break from spelling and formal math which begins in May.
Jennifer in PA
From the yahoo group (CMinPA)

B.A.M. said...

I love this post. I had to smile when you said their screams of "don't stop, please read
more" startled you =o) I hope
when I start reading this with my oldest next fall it will go 1/2 this well!! Your blog looks great!!
Be Blessed
Angie in GA