Friday, October 28, 2011

Birthday Tribute (We have 2 teenagers in the house now!)

My precious daughter turned 13 today. It delights me to see her growing up knowing God the way she does. Although I have my days when I miss that baby I brought home from the hospital, she is maturing into such a beautiful young woman.

2000 - One of my favorite baby pictures of her. She fell asleep here and stayed there for quite some time.

2001 ~ Gotta love that Binky. Her shirt says "Warning: I am Two!"

2003 - Picture taken on a hay ride to go out an pick pumpkins.

2006 ~ Love that toothless smile.

2008 ~ Must ALWAYS dress for the occasion. We were hometown tourists in Gettysburg and she couldn't just wear a t-shirt.

2008 ~ A Pink .22 for Christmas. Notice the vintage-style nightgown. She is very feminine, yet can hold her own.

2010 ~ A Christmas Eve Tradition in our house is new PJ's. We call it the first present of Christmas.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl!

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