Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Grade Are You In?

My youngest is now 6. I guess that means he's not in Kindergarten any more. He's had it in his mind that he has been in 1st grade since about April.

My oldest is 13. I guess that means she's entering 8th grade.

My "middlest" is nearly 12 and that would mean she is entering 7th grade.

All along, grade level really meant nothing to me. Once the children reached a certain age, people began to ask them, "What grade are you in?" At first the girls would give me a bewildered look. I would then have to calculate on my fingers - "Okay, subtract 5 from their age and that gives you grade level. 7 minus 5 is 2. So I guess that means you're in Second Grade."

Does it matter? Really? When registering for VBS (or any of the other multitude of activities we register for), why can't they go by age?

At various times we would have a scenario like this - 9 year old in Math-U-See Gamma level (What's Gamma????? It's the third book so is that 3rd grade?????), while completing Language Lessons for Intermediate grades, while reading Ivanhoe (unabridged). So just looking at curriculum, what grade would that be?

Again I ask, does it matter? Really?

High school is a whole different ball game and the grade level needs to be more defined. At that point we are creating transcripts that will be necessary for post-secondary education and/or employment*. So that starts at about age 14. In the meantime, according to Pa homeschool law, grade level is determined by the home educating parent. If it doesn't matter to the parent, then what?

*I am not saying here that the law requires transcripts. However, I do highly recommend creating transcripts for your child during the high school years for reasons I mentioned in this post.

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Marbel said...

I've gotten that bewildered look from my kids too. Now I just remind them now and then "You're in 6th grade! Remember that if someone asks and don't look at me for the answer!"

And now we are getting closer to high school too.