Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Geography Club

Our first Geography Club meeting for the year will be this Friday. Geography Club meetings will be 3 hours long with a short break in the middle. Each month we will have a different focus based on the 5 themes of geography and activities are found through the National Council for Geographic Education.

This Friday we will be looking at state quarters and license plates. Once we take a close look at them, we will then divide the quarters into regions to see if there are any similiarities. During the meeting we will also do a scrap map activity and at this moment I am trying to decide if I should have the kids identify the 50 states on a blank outline map. We did that two years ago. Each meeting started with that and each month they could see how many more they knew. It was an activity that was well recieved which is why I'm considering it again this year.

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