Friday, March 5, 2010

Chocolate Class #4 & #5

Due to illness traveling through our homeschool group, we canceled Chocolate Class #4 and did a double class today.

Day 4
February 26, 2010 (Canceled and moved to March 5)

Identify chocolate bars - What you see in the picture above is what I had on a table for the kids to look at when they walked in. They had to try to guess what each candy bar was.
Put Chocolate words in alphabetical order
Read Lesson 4 – How chocolate is made. Have students label the pictures taken from chocolate manufacturing.
Language Arts – Write a poem using words that are on the Sensory Chart that kids filled out in Class #3. Write the final draft of the poem on a Hershey Kiss shape cut out of brown consrtuction paper. Then use aluminum foil to but around the "kiss" and mount on a sheet of colored paper. (See my daughter above completing her page)
Reading Comprehension - Have students read independently (non readers pair up with readers), then give a narration (written or oral) about Milton Hershey.
Geography – Locate the town of Hershey on a map of Pa and mark it by drawing a Hershey Kiss shape in the appropriate location.

Day 5
March 5, 2010
1.Language Arts – Chocolate Similes
2.Art – Revisit picture study from Day 3. Using watercolors, create a picture similar to Tiebaud’s.
3.Hot Chocolate Testing – Do a blind taste test of three types of hot chocolate. Determine which the children like best then reveal the brand/type of hot chocolate.
4.Health – Compare and contrast the nutrition labels from three types of hot chocolate.
Language Arts – Is chocolate healthy?
Art – design a chocolate bar wrapper

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