Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We've started

On Monday, we started a light schedule.
But before that, we had to go out for ice cream on Sunday night. Growing up, it was a tradition in my family to go out for ice cream the night before the first day of school. It was fun and when it comes to family tradition, I figure the calories just don't count.

We are reading The Door in the Wall (Books for Young Readers) by Marguerite de Angeli and Short Stories from English History as suggested by Queen Homeschool. Since our summer activities are not over yet, we are going on a light schedule (which we should have been doing all summer).
So, on Monday we read chapter 1 and discussed it. We then read the suggested chapters from Short Stories from English History and had an amazing discussion with dad in the room. It was wonderful and I kept thinking "This is what I have been striving for!"
Isn't it wonderful when a plan comes together?

I realize this is just after one day, but I am hopeful. The curriculum I have chosen this year seems to really fit. DD12 will be doing Year 7 Lite in Ambleside Online and DD10 will be doing Quest for the Middle Ages from Winter Promise. Our plans this year include a field trip to Medieval Times in Maryland.
DS5 will just be along for the ride. He did request a math book - I think because his sisters each have one. So I went to Staples and got the Kindergarten math book for him and a workbook to practice writing which we are calling his copywork book.


pam said...

Maybe we will do a re aloud with that one (A door in the Wall)too. Thanks for sharing. Hope your school days go well. That's a great idea to go for ice cream as a tradition.

Marbel said...

Fun tradition! I like the idea of a light schedule too. We have a light schedule in the summer and then gradually get more focused as we get into fall.