Thursday, May 29, 2008

Subway Boycott - Let's get real

First of all, my feathers didn't get all in a ruffle over the Subway contest. The top prize is for playground equipment that we really don't have any use for. Of course we could use the $100 gift card, but it's not available to us at this time. I'd also like a 1978 Corvette, but that's not available to me either.
Subway is being raked over the coals for exercising free enterprise. Have you heard of "Free Enterprise"? It's an American ideal. It says that Subway can choose what kind of contest it wants to run and they can set the rules. To make sure everyone is included and not offended would be communism, wouldn't it? Aren't there activities that we participate in that excludes those who attend public schools and private schools? What about our co-ops? Do we exclude cyber schoolers because they are considered public school? We have that right, right? PrairieFrog Blog makes a good point when she says, "It would be entirely different if they were refusing service to paying homeschooling patrons, or seating homeschoolers in a separate section, but we've become so petty we get up in arms if even gifts and donations aren't all inclusive." She goes on to explain her point and I encourage you to visit her blog so I won't have to repeat it all here.
To lighten things up a little - Of course Subway doesn't want to include homeschoolers. They don't want us to dominate yet another academic competition. We already have the National Spelling Bee and the National Geography Bee.
2006 National Spelling Bee
2007 National Spelling Bee
2005 National Geography Bee
2007 Geography Bee - This is the first girl in 17 years and she was a homeschooler
2008 National Geography Bee Finalists - Check out Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, and Montana.
Instead of putting our energy to boycotting Subway, why not put our energy into doing the best we can in the competitions that are open to homeschoolers?

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